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What is Twurn?

Twurn is a problem solver, a conflict resolver, an oracle. Just enter what you want resolved and your friends' Twitter names (e.g. @twurn), or any other names you wish. Then... Let Twurn decide!

Why Twitter? If you use your Twitter name then you'll be able to keep track of all of your past twurns and see how many wins and losses you've had (and other interesting stats). It also means you have a chance of getting some Free Passes to confound your friends! Read more about Twurn.

Most recently...

  • bill it's your twurn to drink beer http://twurn.com/0JT

    Decided 27 days ago between owen and bill


  • two it's your twurn to make the coffee http://twurn.com/0JS

    Decided 29 days ago between one and two


  • one it's your twurn to make the coffee http://twurn.com/0JR

    Decided about 1 month ago between one, two, and three


  • b it's your twurn to make the coffee http://twurn.com/0JQ

    Decided 2 months ago between a and b


  • AD it's your twurn to fix twurn after AD broke it http://twurn.com/0JP

    Decided 2 months ago between AD and ebonical